I’m not real happy at the moment, my – Gold – Top Tier – Best We Offer – extended warranty from AutoNation doesn’t seem to cover anything of value.

I bought a used Ford pickup from a AutoNation Ford dealer. I wanted an Extended Warranty that any Ford dealer would honor. Instead, I got this new internal AutoNation Extended Warranty that they tout as being from the same company that offers the extended warranties to the car makers.

This is the GOLD, 60 month, 60,000 mile warranty with the most comprehensive coverage available – the best they had to offer, at a cost of nearly $3,700 O_o

I’ve had my new “used truck” into the AutoNation Ford dealer twice now – the first time, the issue (an electric door lock that worked intermittently) was covered.

This time, it’s a fuel gauge issue – determined (by the AutoNation Ford dealer, at a cost to me of $99.99 for “diagnostic services”) to be a faulty fuel tank sending unit – but this is NOT covered – so it’s roughly another $650 to replace.

Both are electrical issues – why is one covered and the other not?

One of the problems I see here is that there is no transparency at all in this new AutoNation Extended Warranty. I have no way to know what is really covered or not. There is no appeal process, no website where I can verify what might be covered or not – seems a tad “willy nilly”.

Am I expected to just accept the word of the AutoNation Ford service manager?

“Yes sir, I talked to the warranty company, and it’s not covered.”

No explanation other than that.

Lots of things pop to mind

  • Was the AutoNation Ford service manager having a bad day?
  • Did the AutoNation Ford service manager really call the AutoNation Warranty Company?
  • Was the person at the AutoNation Warranty Company having a bad day?
  • Was it something I said?
  • Oh crap, wait – I’m such a dummy, it’s the last week of both the month and the year – had I waited until next year, would it have been covered?

Suffice to say, I am now doubting my choice to spend several thousand $$ dollars on this AutoNation Extended Warranty. What exactly does it cover? Seems pretty useless at the moment.

Next time, I will think twice about buying from any AutoNation dealer – and especially about buying an AutoNation Extended Warranty.

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