In a phrase – “Smoke & Mirrors”

At least for us. We’ve been with Sprint for 15 years or so now and it’s been an ok relationship, but nothing to write home about.

Two people, two smart phones – and one bill from Sprint to the tune of about $167/month.

According to Sprint’s own usage page, we average about 400 minutes of talk per month, lots of texts – some with photos – and some web browsing. Our data usage averages about 1.5 MB per month each.

Our current plan costs us $110 for unlimited everything except talk where we are allotted 1,500 minutes. And since we have “smart phones” we each pay an additional $20/month for data access. So our current plan amounts to $150 – the other $17 or so being mysterious fees and taxes and the like.

On the surface, the new “Unlimited, My Way” plan seems to be a better deal, but wait – $50 for the 1st line, $40 for the 2nd line. “Smart phone” data rates are now $30 per line, so we’re back to the same $150 price point before the mysterious add-ons.

Granted, we no longer have a limit of 1,500 minutes – but we only used 400 minutes on average and about 90% of that time is talking between us.

According to Sprint’s press release, the main benefit is Sprint’s “guarantee” of unlimited data for life.

That “guarantee” is only as good as the company behind it and as we know, companies come and companies go. Others say Sprint is the #3 carrier – the new T-Mobile may actually be #3 since it is now in more LTE markets than Sprint and has their new no contract plans that seem to be drawing in lots of new people. That makes Sprint the #4 carrier.

There are other metrics to consider as well – Sprint’s network infrastructure is a work in progress and the latest PC Magazine speed tests show it to be the slowest network here in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

Others may find this new Sprint plan a good deal – it’s just “Smoke and Mirrors” to me.

BTW – the terms “Sprint Unlimited Guarantee”, “My All-In” and “Unlimited My Way” are service marks of Sprint Corp.

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