I’ve been reading a lot about this whole thing lately. Check out these documents on the TX DOT FTP server

Currently, I’m reading the transcript titled




DECEMBER 13, 2004

There are some interesting things in here that make me think that things are not as “set in stone” as the powers that be might have us believe.

For example, on page 24 of the transcript (page 47 of the PDF), I find this quote of the project manager for Carter & Burgess, Mr. Darrell Thompson,

SH 121 then crosses under future planned roads at Stuart-Feltz

So, initially the plan was to keep Stuart-Feltz road open and take the toll road beneath it.

One notable entry – in the document titled sh121_feis_vol1.pdf (page 86 of the PDF) you can see a proposed extension of Bryant Irvin Road all the way south to F.M. 1187. it would follow along side of the current Old Granbury Road and intersect F.M. 1187 west of where the CTP meets 1187.

That road might serve as a nice alternative to Old Granbury Road – depends on how soon it gets built.

You can also see several references to other “Future” roads that are part of the City of Fort Worth Master Thoroughfare Planned Roadways – one being a new “Granbury Road” that follows along what we currently call Old Cleburne Road but detouring enough to be straighter than the current route that snakes up through that area all the way to McPherson.

I will add more items as I find them.

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