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Here’s a PDF document I got from the NTTA back in September 2010. At the time, the North Texas Tollway Authority (@NTTA) had the info posted on their website for the Chisholm Trail Parkway (CTP) as far south as F.M. 1187. I emailed and asked them about points farther south and this is the file they sent me.

Even back then, the cul-de-sacs on Old Granbury Road where in the works as noted in that PDF – notice that all other treatments of roads meeting/passing over use a different color to indicate the overpass structure – no such color shown where Old Granbury Road and the CTP meet in southern Tarrant County.

I really cannot explain why they would do this and I’m not much of a conspiracy theorist, but here are some thoughts that come to mind:

  • they want to force us to use the new toll road
  • yeah, good luck with that, this whole incident will likely cause me to cancel my toll tag and avoid all the toll roads in this area.

  • Tarrant County didn’t want to pony up the monies to build an overpass maybe?
  • Possibly. When I look at how Old Granbury Road and the CTP intersect, I always thought it would be cheaper to build an overpass for a 2 lane Old Ganbury Road to pass over the CTP – as opposed to building 2 overpasses for each set of lanes of the CTP to pass over Old Granbury Road.

    My guess here is that expense is likely on Tarrant County since it’s an improvement to F.M. 1902 in far southern Tarrant County. Maybe an expense they can’t afford – or don’t want to make – or don’t see as a worthwhile investment – after all, times are tough, right?

    Well, times may be getting a tad tougher. Tarrant County currently gets lots of sales tax on quite a bit of our expendable income where we purchase in southern Fort Worth.

    Now, we’re already looking for alternate places to go and spend our money. No more driving to the restaurants or stores in the Old Granbury Road, Hulen, Bryant Irvin areas.

    We are currently focusing on businesses south of the Tarrant/Johnson County line. Johnson County will likely be the big winner with this section of the CTP – at least when it comes to our money – which is probably best since we live 1.5 miles south of that Tarrant/Johnson County line and about 1 block east of Old Granbury Road.

  • ????
  • If YOU have a theory, please let me know – you can contact me direct at admin[at] or feel free to share it in a comment below.

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