Problem: HP’s Solution Center software scans images or documents but will not save the scans anywhere. We tried to save the scans to many different locations to no avail.

Solution: This was a tough one. Many people have had (are having) this problem as evidenced by all the posts on HP’s own forums. Unfortunately, an easy solution was not readily found. It took me about 3 hours to finally get to the root of the problem.

The most common solution offered by HP employees posting on the forums was to download a “patch” file – the problem with that “patch” is that it apparently looks at the version number of the Solution Center Software and was written to work with version 13 or 13.1 – as of this writing, the latest version is 14. When running the “patch”, we immediately get a message that says something like “There is no software on your computer that we can patch, you do not need this patch”

This computer was recently updated from Vista 32 bit to Windoze 7 32 bit and at that time we lost the ability to check ink levels. The recommended solution was to update to the latest Solution Center Software from HP.

I think the main problem is that during that process, one file does not get updated – hpqxmlul.dll – I never checked things deep enough to determine if that file is flagged as read-only, or was in use and therefore couldn’t be updated.

You can find that file in the C:\Program Files\HP\Digital Imaging\bin folder – ours was dated May 2007 where most other files in that folder were dated in 2009.

The solution is one of the following – instead of letting the new software uninstall the old version – do that manually through the Add/Remove programs – and afterwards, be sure that the C:\Program Files\HP\Digital Imaging\bin folder is empty – I think you will find it is not.

If the above noted file “hpqxmlul.dll” is present, just delete it. Then download and install the latest full suite of the software.

If you have already installed the latest version – hopefully you saved the huge download file (~385MB) first. What we did was simply rename the above noted file from “hpqxmlul.dll” to “hpqxmlul.dll.old”

Next we extracted the huge download file to a folder – it tries to extract to a temp folder, so I just created a folder in the root of C:\ called “HP”, so I changed the extract destination to C:\HP. After the extraction completes, the installation software runs – just click EXIT to close it.

Now, browse through the extracted stuff in C:\HP – your looking for the above noted file “hpqxmlul.dll” – it’s hidden inside a file named “” which is in the following list of folders – setup | destinations.

Once you locate “”, double click to open the .cab file – inside that you will find “hpqxmlul.dll1” – note there is a digit “1” on the end of that file name. Right click on that file and extract it – I saved it to the desktop for easy locating. It extracts with the extra “1” on the end of the filename.

Then copy that file into the C:\Program Files\HP\Digital Imaging\bin folder and rename it to “hpqxmlul.dll” without the extra “1” digit on the end. You could just extract it directly to the C:\Program Files\HP\Digital Imaging\bin folder and then rename it.

Next I rebooted the computer – not sure if that was needed, but I did it to be sure. After the reboot, we were then able to scan images, documents using OCR and they were saved in the My Scans folder – just as it should be.

This problem seems to affect many different models of OfficeJet Pro All In One printers – I saw forum posts for 7550, 7680, 8500

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