It’s plain and simple really – most developers rely on quickness – most users expect it. Apparently quickness is not something in the cards for the Amazon AppStore – most app “approvals” are taking over a week – then if the Amazon marketing people have to deal with it, it’s a few more days at best.

Case in point, a buyer that purchased through the Amazon AppStore contacted me recently with an issue.

OK, I see the problem, fix it, upload the change to both markets.

That was 2 days ago – buyers that purchased through the Google Android Market are already enjoying the fix.

Those poor folks that purchased through the Amazon AppStore are still waiting – and I fear they will be waiting at least another week.

For this particular app, my price on Amazon is 50 cents higher than through the Android Market – so they paid more, and get less.

The price difference was not done to punish anyone – at one time, both markets had the higher price, but sales had dropped off on the Android Market, so I lowered its price by 50 cents.

Of course, that price change took effect immediately on the Google Android Market. I won’t be able to change it on the Amazon AppStore until the latest version submitted emerges out from “under review” (because I can’t change anything at all while an app is “under review”).

On a side note: It appears from comments on the Android-Developers list, that the actual “review” process may have been sent offshore to India – WTF? – oh wait, that’s WalMart that wants to buy/support America.

So there ya have it – just my opinion. I suspect many developers are playing the Amazon game while the $99 annual fee is waived – after that, “Angry Birds Rio” may be the only game left in town.

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