I’ve had my Galaxy Tab about 2 months now and all in all, I am happy with the device. However, on two occasions, it has a mind of its own when it comes to auto rotating the orientation.

When the issue has occurred, it seems the Tab only has one landscape mode – I can rotate it to either portrait, but when I rotate to landscape, it always picks the version that is upside down to the way my case (a RooCase – this is a nice, well built case, but that may be another post) is designed to be used.

After googling around to no avail, I finally stumbled across the issue – and as most things go, it turns out that it helps to actually read/follow the instructions.

Under Settings | Display Settings, there is a choice at the bottom for “Horizontal Calibration”. If/when you do this, be sure and note the instruction at the top to “Place the device on a level surface and tap Calibrate”

The key here is to place it FLAT on a level surface – as in, on it’s back – not standing up in the case. Once I ran the calibrate with it flat on it’s back, my orientation issues vanished. You will note that once you do this properly, that the blue ball will move to the top regardless of what rotation you use.

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