I am tired of playing games with DirecTV, so am moving towards a change. Our commitment is through March 28, 2011 – just over 3 weeks away.

So when I cancel, DirecTV will lose a 13 year customer and the rest of you dumb bastards will have to pick up that tab in the form of higher fees.

I’ve had several thorns in my side about DirecTV anyway

  • like $5.99/month for the HD Extras package which includes several channels that have commercials.
  • $7.00/month for DVR service – this started out at $5/month, but in 2 years has crept up.
  • Advertisements poked into the channel guide – sheesh, just let me find the channel I want (from the gazillion useless channels you have).
  • Out of sync advertisements – those where DirecTV is substituting commercials over other commercials. They must do this because they’ve figured out they can make more money with the other ads. You’d think with all their technology they could at least get the changeover timing right.
  • DirecTV advertisements luring new customers in with all kinds of nifty perks. Nothing for us 10+ year veterans – we’ve already got you hooked, cleaned and ready for frying.
  • The requirement to commit to two more years if I want to make any major changes. This tactic is straight out of the cellular carrier playbook. As long as we (the consumer) play along, it will be the only game in town. Quit playing, and they will at least be forced to come up with a new way to screw us over.
  • The straw that broke the camel’s back for me was a dead receiver. The CS rep proved to herself that the access card reader was bad so the unit needs to be replaced. It’s their unit – we just lease it – they made that change a couple of years back when they started using this cheap Chinese made crap.

But even though it’s a leased unit – that failed through no fault of mine – I have to pay $19.95 to get a replacement? WTF?

But it get’s better – she gave me three choices

1) bill it to my DirecTV account
2) take a Credit Card number to pay for it
3) waive the charge if I want to sign up for their $5.99/month equipment protection plan – then she spieled off into all the benefits of said service.

I heard the word “waived” and immediately liked option 3 – oh wait, you know what, EFF you lady – just take the damn receiver off my account.

So, I have 3 weeks to come up with something else. I doubt DiSH is any better.

But summer is coming on fast here and we don’t watch much TV from now until Nov.

Local cable is $39/month, so I save over $100/month – hmmm, I wonder what I can spend that on – a new cell phone maybe?

So I say, without regret, goodbye to DirecTV – it’s been real, it’s been fun, but it ain’t been real fun.

Again, my apologies to those of you who are left – keep on playing their game, you know you’re enjoying it.

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