If you encounter this error and your icon is a 48×48 PNG, just know that this error can be caused by other things.

I’ve read that errors in the AndroidManifest.xml can cause this.

For me, the issue was in my /res/values/strings.xml file – specifically the app_name value which is used for the android:label=”@string/app_name” by the AndroidManifest file.

One of my apps has a long name Voice+Recorder – it looked bad on the launcher screen, so I added a line break in there – Voice+\nRecorder to make it break up onto two lines.

The emulator allows it and it looks just like I wanted it to.

But when I tried to upload the app to the Android Market, I got the above error message.

I changed the value in strings.xml to use a space instead of \n – as in Voice+ Recorder and it uploads fine.

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