I have really come to hate IE 7 – mostly when I decide to restart my computer. My browsing habits are probably not the best as I keep lots of tabs open in IE.

Today I needed to restart because of a software install, so I close IE and tell it (ask it?) to re-open the tabs the next time Explorer is launched.

Restarted the PC, loaded Outlook Express, loaded IE 7. IE needed to re-open 12 tabs – 4 of which were to local files on my HD – and it just hangs. Now it will take me 10-15 minutes to find and reload all those tabs – ugh!

I’d much rather M$ create the tab with the address in the bar and force a 404 error – at least I could just refresh the tabs one at a time to get back where I was. Alternately, create a folder in my Favorites called “Last Session” and just place the bookmarks in there.

Typical M$ POS – and yes, I know, I know – use FireFox, lol


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