We’ve had several calls from this number of late and usually just ignore them. They never leave a message so it can’t be that important I reckon. Last night, I decided to answer.

me: “Hello?”

him: “Hello? This is Brad calling from Congressman Chet Edwards office. Is this the Smith residence?”

me: “Yes. Can you tell me why your caller ID data comes up as 000-000-0000?”

He hung up, lol.

So I jump on the internet and find a website for Congressman Chet Edwards and sent them an email through their contact form asking why their caller ID was 000-000-0000 and that I suspect that tampering with caller ID data was probably illegal and how that was a fine example for a Congressman to present … blah blah blah. I never really expected to hear anything back from them, but this morning I got this email:

Dear Mr. Smith,

I received your email inquiry about the phone call you received from our campaign yesterday evening.  Basically, when we do large batches of calls that is the number that shows up on caller ID systems.  It is not meant to be misleading, it is just the way the system is set-up. 

I would love to speak with you about this in more detail if you wish, and I apologize for any confusion regarding the call.  Please feel free to contact me at anytime if you have any other questions and concerns.

{Her name here}

Chet Edwards for Congress

The part that really got me was the phrase “It is not meant to be misleading, it is just the way the system is set-up.” yeah right!

I emailed back and among other remarks, asked that we be removed from their call database. She replied she would remove us. we’ll see.

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