I had DirecTV for 17 years, last time one of their receivers went out, they wanted to charge me $100 to replace it, so I called AT&T and had U-Verse installed (much better service and uptime with U-Verse – no rain outs at least).

When I called DirecTV to cancel, that person was like “Oh, we can replace that receiver, no problem.” – yeah well, it was too late then.

Since then I have received many phone calls and many pieces of mail from DirecTV trying to get me to switch back. Lately it’s been, switch back and we’ll give you $200.

But since I left DirecTV, they have been bought out by AT&T – so they want to give me $200 to switch from AT&T U-Verse back to DirecTV?

Where’s the logic in that – AT&T loses a subscriber and DirecTV gains one – and I get $200 of their money? d’oh!

Reminds me of the old Long Distance carrier wars back in the 90s – I should just switch, take the $200, then wait for AT&T to offer me $200 to switch back.

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